24 augusti, 2020

Simplified communication

What would it be like if all the departments in the company understood what the others meant?

Everyone is an expert in their field

Today, it often works so that some are experts on the customer’s needs and what is to be achieved. Others are experts in building systems that are efficient. In addition, there is technical support, customer service, translation, etc. Together they have all the knowledge needed for a successful result. The only problem is that each group has its own specific areas of expertise and its own way of describing the problems.

Get a common picture

With specifications written in clear text, everyone gets a common view of what the system should contain and how it should work, as the text contains business-related concepts that most people recognize. Communication between all the company’s functions and the customer is also facilitated.

It can be said that a software system or application written for robots is partly self-documenting. This is because the syntax is so concise and rigorous that there is not as much room for misinterpretations as in plain text.

Easy to share with others

Since the specifications are in clear text and do not require a special editor to read, anyone familiar with the problem area (domain) can understand it.

In addition, it is easy to share the content through all the media we normally use such as email, chat etc…

What is it worth to you to reduce misconceptions?