6 december, 2019

About us

Let your domain experts shine!

Being a programmer today is often a constant struggle to keep up with the latest technology, while at the same time the company’s applications must be ready in a shorter and shorter time.

Imagine every developer having a virtual assistant who take care of their routine tasks and let the developers focus on what they are best at – coding brilliant software.

At the same time – imagine business analysts indirectly producing code by stating the software’s content and intention in specifications, written in plain text as declarative models.

The same virtual assistant write code directly from these models so that it can be instantly tested and verified.

Software Robots!

PIK Solutions manufactures and adapts software robots that help programmers and business analysts to be as efficient as possible. We tailor each robot specifically to the needs of each company, so that they fill their place in the production of software as best as possible.

Stefan Langemalm, CTO

I have been developing software professionally since 1980 after my degree from Chalmers as Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. A variety of programming languages have passed since then, from assembler to high-level languages and databases.

My special interest and focus is to produce development tools that are specially adapted for the application to be developed. Through the concept of software robots, it is now possible for everyone to also benefit from the same principles. By combining generated code with manually written code it is possible to develop software applications significantly faster and with higher quality.

Me and my team look forward to helping you too!


PIK Solutions is a part of PIK Presentationsteknik AB (org.nr 559033-7720)