Use declarative modeling to stay ahead of competition. Instead of writing new specifications all the time, go declarative for continuous refinement.

Keep up with the latest technology

Have you ever considered not to take a framework upgrade, just because the risk of rewrite would be too big? You are not alone. The reason for this is that when developers have written the software, any specification of the intended business content is transformed into some programming language. Over time, the specification will be less important as the source code contains changes and additions. Changing frameworks or technologies, then becomes a refactoring work from one programming environment to another. While this refactoring commences, the business content of these two implementations will differ, even if the intention is to keep them alike.

If your specifications are written as declarative models, on the other hand, the risk is substantially lower. This is due to the fact that you can rely on code generation from your specifications will keep the same business content, independent of frameworks, technology or programming language.

  • Prototype and test new frameworks and technologies using the same business functionality.
  • Deliver both ”new” and ”old” versions at the same time.
  • Do A/B testing by generating several sets of code to see which one that works best or is most accepted.

This means that you can have two parallel efforts going on at the same time. Both evolving the business content in your application and also continue to improve on what technology that suits your application best.

Stay ahead of competition!