Harness the Power of Declarative Models to Maximize Your Team’s Potential

Unlock your team’s expertise and accelerate development with the power of declarative models. This approach, which distinguishes business specifications from technical details, empowers your software developers and business analysts to operate independently and concurrently.

Optimize Software Expertise

The ramp-up period for a new software developer can often be extended due to the time required to comprehend your application’s business content and domain specifics. However, by focusing on declarative models, you can leverage the expertise of your new hire from day one. With the majority of the business content generated as code, your new hire can concentrate on their area of proficiency – the implementation framework. This approach optimizes the use of your software experts, speeding up the development process while maintaining high-quality output.

Empower Your Business Analysts

Traditional software development approaches can limit the effectiveness of your business analysts. Their innovative ideas need to be meticulously specified and handed over to a software developer for implementation. This model not only consumes unnecessary resources but also slows down the feedback loop.

However, the adoption of declarative models and automated build processes can radically transform this scenario. Your business analysts can modify the specification and immediately witness the impact. The speed of feedback is only limited by the efficiency of your build process. This quick, iterative approach encourages a culture of experimentation, fostering innovation, and ultimately leading to superior software solutions.